Why fast?

Are you fed up with the rubbish and lies and nonsense that we confront day in day out? Do you want to be who Jesus says you are? Do you want to walk in power? Do you want to see this nation changed?

I don’t know about you but it feels like it’s time to get ready. Ready for a move of God. Ready for Revival, when God pours out his Spirit and we all are filled to overflowing and hundreds of thousands of people get to know Jesus. Boom. Don’t you think? Isn’t it time? Yes? Let’s do this!

I’m putting down a marker in the sand, throwing down the gauntlet, holding my hand up and jumping up and down and saying that I want to be ready for when, as it says in Joel, God “pours out his spirit”, and to be so ready that Jesus will use me. I’m signing on the dotted line and saying YES. Let’s do this. Let’s go. Let’s be who Jesus says we are. Children of the King of Kings. Chosen. Full of power. With the bible as our weapon. The sword of the Spirit. Yes Jesus! Bring it on!

One way we can show that we mean business is through fasting. Which is super convenient because Lent starts tomorrow!

So what is a fast? In the bible it talks about “when you fast” it doesn’t say “if” it says “when” which means it’s a given that if we follow Jesus we will fast at some point.

Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights when he went into the wilderness by going without food. Which seems pretty extreme to me. But Jesus had good reason to do it in preparation for his death on the cross. Which means he used it to get ready.

All of us at some time in our lives need to get ready for something and fasting does exactly that, helps us to be prepared for what’s to come. And show that we mean business. That’s why it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a serious thing. Not something we should drift into.

Before I became an Anglican, I didn’t really understand the season of Lent. What’s it all about?

Lent runs for 40 days (plus Sundays) from 6 March to the 18 April and it is meant to mirror the 40 days Jesus’ spent in the wilderness (Matthew 4: 1-11).

It doesn’t mean going totally without food as 40 days is a long time so you’d really really need to speak to a Doctor about that. BUT it does mean giving up something that is important to you. One year my son gave up ketchup…Others give up coffee or cakes, or other things. And it doesn’t have to be food. It could be reducing time spent on your phone.

So starting from 6 March I’m fasting. I’m giving up wine (yes I’m over 18) and any other alcohol. Because for me it’s a treat. I don’t drink a lot. But I do really really like a glass of wine two or three times a week.

And not only that I want to go deeper with Jesus. I want to see this world changed and I know the changes need to begin in my heart so I’m ready. What about you?

So from tomorrow (6 March) I’m posting a one a day for 40 days, series; both on Instagram and a longer version here on this blog (apart from on a Sunday, more of why later), that I hope will help you get to know Jesus better and show Jesus that we are serious about Revival. So are you in?

If so I would really love to hear from you and how you are doing and any feedback. Let’s encourage each other and do this! Yes yes yes! Love Jane

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