He’s the maker of the Moon

The Maker. Made you and he made me. There are no words that can describe how intricate is his design. Infinitely better than just fine. Your body is so beautiful. Made with purpose. A deliberate act. Inside is a light. A temple. A sacred place. Made by the Maker who put the stars into space. Don’t take it for granted that you’ve been planted into this world. So my girl. The lies you’re believing about who you are, are straight from a pit. From an enemy who thinks if he keeps hitting on you you’ll believe what he says until in your mind it becomes true. Make no mistake that snake has to bow and kowtow to you. So girl use your power your sword to kill those damn lies and get your reward of freedom. The Maker of the Moon loves you. That’s the truth. The whole truth. The truth that will make you whole. That will arm you with strength and ready to fight and shine the brightest light into this world that needs you. A girl who’s been planted. Made. Designed. And is more than just fine. You’re a beauty. You’re a diamond. You’re a lioness. You’re a princess. You’re a daughter of the King. Believe it. Know it. Feel it. Use it. Work it because that’s His purpose for you. The Maker of the Moon.

Listen to Elle Limebear”s song on Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/track/5Hvyj14VOaMUhxjXQ1Fy8X?si=2E4ZyyV7SMCybxH5jruuVw

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