Meet the maker

Solitude. Spending time alone with our Maker. Alone. On our own. Solo. How are we going to burn if we don’t learn who our Maker is? Holiness won’t come in an instant. It comes through persistence. Of making a choice to be with the Maker. We won’t go any further until we’ve met our Father. Better than me time. Better than any gym. Is time spent with him. He’ll get you into better shape and fitter than any athlete. And no need for any beauty products because only He can make us beautiful for life. Holiness is radical. Defiant. Rebellious. Fact. So today. I’m gonna say you’ve gotta do it. Spend time. All alone. Just you and him. And let Him burn within. To light a fire so strong. So hot. That people will want what you’ve got. End of. #meetthemaker

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