Is God really bothered about what we wear? So glad you ask! The truth is I don’t have a definitive answer or a bible verse that I can insert here, but I do think God cares. After all he’s our Father, yes not in a natural sense, but much much more powerful than that – he handpicked us and made us and breathed life into us.

I bet if he were standing in the hallway as I sashayed down the stairs wearing my brand new purchase he’d be interested. He loves me. He’s into the detail of my life. If he cares about the sparrow, he sure is gonna be looking out for me.

Jesus did say, didn’t he, he came so we’d have life to the FULL and surely that covers having an interest in fashion. It’s a creative industry and God is the ultimate creator. Creativity is a gift and like all God-given gifts he sure does want us to use them.

Who doesn’t get a little thrill when you’ve put a cheeky little outfit together from something you’ve had hiding in the back of your wardrobe, or that great sale or thrift store purchase. I do. It feels good to wear something you really like.

But when what we are wearing is the main thing, the focus of our lives and our mind is overflowing with thoughts about clothes. Then is it time to raise a red flag and ask ourselves whether choosing what to wear stresses us out?

Does it annoy you if you don’t have what your friends have? Does it make you green with envy…even just a little bit? Does your blood pressure go up a notch because you get the feeling you don’t fit in because of what you’re wearing? Or are you obsessing about those Gucci sliders you spotted in Vogue?

Then, my wonderful God created friend, it’s time to take a time out. Sit on the sidelines and have a reality check. Make the main thing (God) the main thing. Yes that’s what. And don’t have a downer on yourself if that’s you. Give it to God and move on. He’s forgotten about it already. Say what? FORGOTTEN and forgiven.

There’s also something else I’d like to insert here. And that is SEX. If what you’re wearing is all about being sexually attractive and how your body looks in certain clothes then it’s time to take that wake up call.

God DOES have something to say about that. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and temples are sacred, holy places. Modesty defo pops up as a de rigueur in the bible.

Perhaps the question we should asking is who are we dressing for? What are we saying by what we are wearing?

Take the Duchess of Sussex, or the First Lady for example. They speak with their clothes. Their stylists know that the world is watching what they are wearing. When Melania Trump came to the UK recently she made damn sure she was wearing clothes made by UK designers.

So what we wear is a form of communication, and I don’t know about you but it’s time I started to think a little more carefully about what I’m saying through my clothes.

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