Tell us about your style:

“Ooooh I love a bit of bling somewhere in what I wear… a bit of jewellery or something glistening in my clothes. Life is always better with a little sparkle! Often you find me wearing my DM’s or my trainers with a pair of jeans, sometimes skinny sometimes flared and I love my vegan leather trousers too. I like to wear fabric with a print or lace to finish off my outfit.”

What are you doing right now?

“I lead a church with my husband Si. We are both are passionate about building community in the church, sharing Jesus’ love and to be a a blessing to our beautiful town.

Part of my role is running Safehaven Women – a drop in for vulnerable women – those on the streets and also those who are lonely, suffering with anxiety/ mental health issues, addiction and needing a safe space. The women have so much potential and gifts and it’s so encouraging to see the change in them as the weeks and months go by as they begin to make friends, grow in confidence and experience God’s love, joy and peace.

What worship song have you on repeat?:

“There are so many I love. ‘Tremble’ Mosiac MSC – Glory and Wonder ‘Jesus you make the darkness tremble, Jesus you silence fear.’

Is there anything you have learned which you could have told your younger self?

“Having suffered with postnatal depression a number of years ago I felt like ‘I shouldn’t be feeling like this’ feeling anxious and not able to cope but…it’s ok not to be ok, and it’s ok to ask for help.

Nothing we go through is ever wasted. A positive can always come out of it.

Embrace the day, live in the present. Be bold, be brave and do what you are passionate about.

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