Alice, tell us about your style: “Boho style with statement details, denim, and never without gold jewellery, I’m a bit obsessed with earrings at the moment. Recently I’ve gotten into more bold prints, I’m fully embracing animal print after years of avoiding it!”

What are you passionate about?: “My main passion is people. Regardless of personality type, we all want to be connected and loved. Through studying Occupational Therapy at University, I’m seeing the impact that social isolation has on basic health, let alone our heart and our spirit. I believe the Kingdom of God on earth looks like community, which is more than just a nice word, it’s a game-changing strategy. I’m passionate about people engaging in community and going out with the weapon of joy, which the enemy is so threatened by! Right now I’m heading into my final year studying, I’m currently on placement working with the homeless and absolutely loving it. I’ve got that joy in my heart and my King by my side.”

What Worship song do you have on repeat?: “See a Victory by Elevation Worship. Recently God keeps speaking to me His words of victory over a situation, this song was released around the same time. This is a part of our identity, that we are made victorious through Him. We can use our worship as warfare. We can KNOW that we will see a victory, because He has won it all. Wow.”

Tell us something that has transformed your life: “Something that is truly transforming my life is the process of learning to partner with the Holy Spirit. (By this I mean listening to Him, building the relationship, waiting, acting, all the good stuff!)  If we truly believed who God says we are and the scale of what we have access to, we couldn’t ever stay the same. His presence is greater than anything, honestly. A moment in His presence changes your life forever, and to invite Him into your life with His Holy Spirit means that the game is about to change.”

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