What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Reach for your phone? Check your insta? Yes? I’m with you on that. But, I ask myself is that the best way to start my day? Probably not, because then I get distracted and end up scrolling…

I want to start my days better. So I’ve come up with this list of five tiny things that I hope will have a big impact:

1. Install the YouVersion Bible App (or your bible app of choice) Go check out their verse of the day.

2. Have a notebook by your bed (who doesn’t need an excuse to get some more stationery). Write the verse down.

3. What’s the first thought that comes to mind after reading the verse? Write that down too (if it’s relatable!).

4. Let the verse sink in. Speak it out loud.

5. Pray that verse over your day. So say the verse is 1John 4. You could pray “Father I need to experience more of you perfect love so that my fear goes.” And then make it your mantra for the day.

Bingo. Shall we do it? I will if you will. Let me know how it goes.

Love Jane

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