Hey Sofia, tell us about your style: “My style is mostly jumpsuits which is fun hahah! I love the amount of space my legs have to breathe specially if they have culotte bottoms! I also love anything with patterns or just quite different specially if it’s on sale!”


What are you doing right now?: “I’m doing a gap year in my church! I thought I’d dedicate the year between sixth form and university to God. I’m passionate about justice, my heart is for the one that is pushed aside, the one who doesn’t yet see their potential.”


What worship song do you have on repeat: “There are so many great worship songs out at the moment that I have on repeat but my favourite one has to be Have My Heart by Maverick City.


Tell us something transformational in your life: “A transformational thing God has done in me is revealed the heart of the Father. I’m learning to trust in His character above all else. I know that God is a kind, generous, loving, perfect Father. So this is how I challenge myself to see the world and my personal circumstances. I’m learning that He doesn’t point the finger of shame when I mess up. He actually wants to hold me and clean my mess for me. Jesus is the greatest gift the Father has given us, He is the prize. He cleans ALL my mess. Let me encourage you to seek God not for what He can do but for who He is.”

I’m learning to trust his character above all else.

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