Truth magazine launches

Get me a nice coffee and a pastry and my fav mag. I just love it. BUT…I’d really like to get my hands on a magazine that helps me to get closer to God, causes me to get on my knees and ask for more of him in my life, makes me laugh, and helps me to be the woman God has made me to be, and now I can. In fact I helped to put it together for these very reasons.

Truth magazine from Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls is coming atcha and we want to shout out loud over your life with words that we pray will give you LIFE. It’s out now and is is available to buy here for £5 inc p&p.

In the very first issue of truth we have a feature on marriage and relationships written by Imogen who reaches the conclusion that she needs to give up the fantasy she has about marriage and surrender everything to God. Seriously she’s so inspiring.

Also there is a piece on our relationship with our phones and how it’s simply a device and not the source of all life. We delve deeper into a very big issue for the Church (more to come on that one), and have a really very special interview with Elle Limebear who recently released her first album Lost in Wonder in which she talks about going on tour, what its like growing up in a large family and her dreams for this generation.

As well as so so so much more!

Our aim is to publish quarterly, but can’t wait for you to see this edition, available here: click here to buy.

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