Why Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls?

Here at RHRG HQ, we want you to know that we’re here for YOU. Seriously we are. In a jumping up and down, whoop whoop kind of way, cheering you on. Clapping and shouting from the sidelines.

The world needs women who know their worth in Jesus. Who walk in the gifts that God has given them, not comparing themselves with others, but confident in the knowledge of who they are as daughters of the King of Kings.

The world needs you to be YOU.

Who are we?

Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls first post was written in December 2018. And over the last year it has been developing and growing as a ministry of encouragement. And it’s simply that.

The person behind the posts at the moment is Jane who lives in Hastings with her family and goes to HTH Church.

Jane has written a little book based on her journey to freedom from anxiety and the Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls posts on instagram. Be free from anxiety is available here.