We began in December 2018 as an instagram page @rebelheartsrebelgirls and have since published a small book “Be free from anxiety” and now truth magazine, written for gen z women and their younger and older friends.

Truth magazine includes articles on faith/fashion/beauty/life and the vision is to fill the lives of women with good things. It costs £5 per issue and is available to buy here.

Our Editorial Board:

Audrey Tambudzai is a strategy consultant at Anthesis. Her previous experience is in marketing and sales, she has co-founded a start-up, and has dedicated her time to human rights organisations that help restore the lives of those caught up in human trafficking. Above all, Audrey loves God, loves people and is passionate about empowering young women to become all that they can be! 

Caragh Bennet is the CoFounder of Tribe + Glory, a social impact jewelry brand that activates female entrepreneurs into their own businesses from under the poverty line in Uganda. Caragh is obsessed with using redemptive businesses to bring God’s kingdom and with seeing people released into their God given potential. Also loves spanish dance music, girls nights out and wild swimming when she’s in England!

Elle Limebear is a worship artist, songwriter and youth leader based in Brighton. With her husband Tom, she travels internationally leading at churches, events and conferences whilst also serving locally in her church’s youth group. Elle is passionate about seeing this next generation come alive in Jesus and for the world to know him. Some of her favourite things are natural light, crying laughing and a big bowl of pasta. You can also count on Elle to be one of the first on the dance floor.

Hannah Milne is a curate at St Peter’s Church, Brighton. If she’s not out on a long bike ride with her husband Henry, or watching the birds from the garden, you’ll find her engrossed in a book or podcast. Hannah is particularly passionate about hospitality, nature, creativity, and women in leadership. 

Holly Roe is a coach for a charity called Spear which works with young people to help them find employment. She is passionate about all things Jesus and you will often find her talking about Him, whether that’s over coffee with a friend, in the form of spoken word or preaching on a Sunday. Holly also enjoys making music, watching movies and adventures to new places.

Yetunde Yusuf is a broadcast journalist in news and current affairs. She has worked as a political reporter for radio and is currently a TV producer. She is passionate about telling stories creatively, and using her platform to make the voices of those who are marginalised and underrepresented heard. Asides from work, Yetunde runs an interiors page with a twist – telling the stories behind every day spaces. Yetunde is passionate about education and self-development. One of her goals is to build strong faith filled communities. 


Jane Kirby founded Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls, Before that she was on the planting team at Holy Trinity Hastings and previously had a career in public relations. She is passionate about living in freedom. Be that running wildly on a beach, dancing, swimming and making things. She loves eating her husband James’s cooking with him and her two sons, Ethan and Noah and friends and family. 

Editorial advisor

Pippa Baker is a full-time missionary to the UK. She worked in London in the advertising industry for 6 years before taking the plunge into this new chapter. It’s very different but it’s fab! She loves investing in the emerging generation to see them raised up as radical disciples of Jesus. As a Catholic she is passionate about Church unity and does a lot of work across the Nations to see the Body of Christ further united. She loves worship and helps head up a creative collective of worshippers called One Hope Project. 

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Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls was started by Jane Kirby, who previously worked in Public Relations before leaving London to help plant HTH church in Hastings in 2014.