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Lent Letter no.3 True Thankfulness

“Don’t forget to say please and thank you.”

I can’t tell you how many times I would hear my family say this to me growing up. It’s almost a reflex now. “Thanks!” signs off my emails, acknowledges compliments, and receives UberEats deliveries.

It got me thinking. Is my “Thanks!” toward God second nature? A reflex?

If I’m being truthful, the answer is no.

Especially over the past year, and many times before, I’ve gone to God in prayer thinking, “What on earth have I got to be thankful for?”. This hasn’t worked out, that friendship broke down, that job application got rejected, that family member passed away. Being thankful when things don’t feel good is hard.

But as I reflected at the beginning of 2021, I was asking God for a new attitude that would help me through times where things didn’t feel good. God simply reminded me; “Georgia, I paid the ultimate price for you.”

What have I not got to be thankful for?

Jesus lived for me as the perfect example, died for me as the perfect sacrifice.

Woah. God got me good there.

Psalm 100 reminds me: “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”

True thankfulness towards God isn’t a quick “Thanks!” like I’m collecting a coffee. It’s not acknowledging his goodness when it feels good. I realise more and more as I ask God to open my eyes, that thankfulness is:

Found in his ultimate sacrifice for me (everything else he does for me truly is a bonus).

Found in the strangest details of my day (a good cup of coffee is a reason for me to be thankful).

The beginning and the end to my prayers. Because he deserves it.

Love, Georgia x
RHRG Family

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Lent letter no.2 true productivity

To be productive by definition is the quality of producing in abundance or to reap results, benefits or profits.                                                                                                

I’m not sure if you’ve been living under a rock but the last year has been particularly crazy. Lockdown 1, 2 and 3.0. Work from home, learn from home, socialise from home. We’ve too much time on our hands, we’ve not enough time on our hands. During all this, the question on everyone’s lips (well to me anyway) was “So what are you doing with your time?”.

I haven’t perfected my script, but it usually goes something like: “All sorts!” When in reality I’ve been sprawled on the sofa in the same position for four hours, scrolling on social media with an array of cups of tea and an empty packet of biscuits next to me. 

 Anyone else?  

Social media has helped me connect this past year. Sharing TikToks, tagging friends in memes, FaceTiming, Zooming, you name it, I’ve done it. But after a while I stopped connecting and found myself comparing. So many people on my social media feed were hustling. And here I was on holiday. New business ventures here, a side hustle there, new music releases. Friends becoming YouTubers, bloggers and podcasters. I bought into a lie that I wasn’t being productive enough with my time, I wasn’t producing anything in abundance and I certainly wasn’t reaping results or profit! I felt like I wasn’t worth anything and felt more deflated than encouraged. 

External productivity is good for us. I fully support my friends and their businesses, music and podcasts. I like being productive too. I love finishing pieces of work and learning new things.

However, this isn’t the only measure of a good day’s work. 2 Peter 1:5 talks about internal or spiritual productivity saying this “…make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to your goodness, knowledge; and to your knowledge, self-control; and to your self-control, perseverance; and to your perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love. For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

So, for the days when I haven’t finished the application I was supposed to, I haven’t read a book, I haven’t moved the washing that’s been drying for the past 2 weeks, I think to myself, God how have we been productive today? How have I added to my faith? 

Have I read something good that I can reflect on? Have I shown love to somebody? Have I exercised self-control? 

God wants me to seek first his kingdom. So alongside whatever I might be producing day-to-day at work or at college or in my friendships, I want to make sure that my spiritual life is productive too!

Love Georgia x

RHRG family

Remember this: Productivity is good, it gives us a sense of accomplishment when we can tick things off our list, but when we add to it goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mutual affection; and love that equals true productivity. 

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Lent letters no.1 true fullness

I don’t like emptiness. Whether the car needs fuel, there are no tea bags left in the jar, the digits in my bank account are dwindling. These things need filling. I like them full. That way, I can get to where I’m going, I’m appropriately caffeinated and I can buy myself something new

I’ve been reflecting on how I approach God regarding fullness. I come to him requesting, pleading for him to fill my finances, my confidence, my purpose. I plead for him to fill a void that I see in my life, with stuff

God redirected me to the story of the woman at the well in John 4. She arrives at the well, with one agenda; to fill her jar with water. But there she finds Jesus, the living water! She meets the man who knows everything she ever did and can meet her every need

She went to have her jar filled with water, but instead Jesus gives her true fullness, she can’t help but share the good news with the town and, catch this – literally leaves the water jar behind (verse 28), the reason she went to the well, to run and tell everyone.

God wants to bless me. He wants to bless my finances and bless the whole of my life. But I’m asking Jesus to fill me. Not my stuff. I’m seeking his kingdom first, all other things will be added in their time. I am the container he wants to experience true fullness, to overflow!

This lent we are the jars he wants to fill. 

Love Georgia x

Georgia Grange, RHRG family

Remember this:
“But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” John 4:14

Read this:
John 4 (NLT) – Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Journal this:
Q. God, what are the ‘jars’ in my life that I have been asking you to fill?
Q. God, what is it you’re wanting to fill me with in this season?

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Would you like to create a vision for your life?

Do you ever want to find someone who will be able to tell you: “this is what you should be doing right now”? I know I have!

This Thursday to celebrate the launch of issue 2 of truth magazine we have an INSTA LIVE (8pm GMT @rebelheartsrebelgirls) with CAITLIN ZICK of Moral Revolution to talk about exactly that and a few other wonderful things!

Caitlin has written a book all about purpose and vision and is interviewed in the magazine where she shares how we can live a life of adventure with God and “what’s the creative best you can do with your own life right now.”

Really can’t wait to you on Thursday! It’s going to be FUN! Come along and join us!

To BUY the new edition of truth magazine click here.

Love Jane xx
Editor truth magazine

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A whole load of goodness

Oh my gosh! Very very soon issue 002 is going to be out and we CANNOT WAIT to share it with you. Seriously we’ve been working away, talking to some really very lovely women, who are going to share their stories with you. Also we’ve got master classes and other super stuff. It’s literally so exciting. With so much love to you the team at Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls xxx

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I struggled with low mood but God has been setting me free

Hey Bethany tell us about your style: “It’s mainly just anything comfortable. I spend a lot of time in baggy clothes and XXL jumpers. But I do love to sometimes change it up and go for more of a street-smart look. My style has changed a lot but right now that’s what it seems to be.”

What are you doing at the moment?: “Right now I’m finishing an internship at a church in Bournemouth with youth and that’s where my passion really lies. In September I’m hoping to move to California to train on youth missions which I’m super excited about! I think the thing about youth which I’m most passionate about is seeing individual transformation of the young people’s hearts when they allow Jesus into their lives and to work in them. I love coming alongside people and encouraging them along their journey with Jesus.”

What worship song do you have on repeat?: “It’s Promises by Maverick City. If you haven’t listened to this I would highly recommend it, it’s been such a declaration song for me in this season. To trust in his promises even when everything seems so chaotic can be challenging but it brings so much peace!

Can you tell us something transformational that God has done in your life?: “As a result of being super unwell during sixth-form my mental health got really bad. I struggled with severe mood swings, general low mood and anxiety and it began to take control of certain parts of my life and relationships. Over this past year, God has really been setting me free from this and I can already see the change in how I respond to things around me and how I view myself and my relationships. He is so good and I know He is gonna bring this work to completion! Joy is something Jesus freely gives us, we just have to choose it everyday!”

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God helped me find my voice

Hey Audrey tell us about your style: “I would say it’s authentically me. I love old, I love comfy – I love sustainable and just adore colour (especially green and mustard!). When I dress in the mornings, I find joy in the daily creative exercise of choosing the ways in which I can channel my inner world with outward style – hairdo and all.”

What are you doing at the moment?: “I work as a brand strategy consultant in sustainability. I get to work with a whole flock of individuals who are hellbent on changing the world for our good and for our planet – one business at a time. I also love to write – to write articles, write songs (oh yes – I’m in a band called The Salts – Christian puns galore!) and to write letters – how I love writing letters to people! Last but by no means least, I am extremely passionate about young women and that’s the reason I am extremely honoured to be a part of Rebel Hearts Rebel Girl’s amazing magazine – Truth, equipping women in the word and in wisdom.”

What worship song do you have on repeat?: “The honest truth is too many to list here! I’ve been worshipping more with the songs that I’ve written and spontaneously coming up with than normal. Some of these I would barely call songs by the way (!), but ultimately, they are the anthems that my soul has needed to declare during this time. And P.S. If you’ve not heard Oh What A Saviour by HTB Worship – highly recommend!”

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life: “Man who I would be without God is not worth imagining. Where I have seen God move so incredibly so powerfully, has been in finding my voice. From a teen with low self esteem, depression – to a young woman who felt inhibited by verbal dyspraxia and dyslexia, I look back at all the many things that I had allowed to silence my voice and the opportunities I let go to fear. But ever faithful, God continues to grow my giftings – putting me in spaces and spheres I could scarcely have imagined for myself! He has grown my vision and nurtured my boldness. And now, well you can’t shut me up!”

Audrey is on the Editorial board of truth our new magazine.

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I grew up in a family with no faith and am now ordained

Hey Hannah tell us about your style:
“I was once told I blend fashion and function, which I think is a good description: I like to choose comfort and practicality and hopefully a sense of style, without trying too hard! I’d say it’s a mix of smart skatewear / tomboy / boxy / casual / norm-core, with a dip into outdoors-wear on occasion. Nothing too fancy. And as much second-hand as possible.”

What are you doing right now?:
“I’m a Reverend at a church in Brighton. Week to week I host our Church Online service with my friend James, and oversee our Leadership Development Year programme for young leaders, alongside a host of other things. I’m passionate about seeing young leaders raised up within the church, particularly women. As a young(ish) woman in church leadership, I know there are lots of limitations and barriers to young women leading, but it’s God’s heart to see us take authority in all spheres of influence, not just the church. Any part I can play in that, I will!”

What worship song do you have on repeat?
“Oh goodness, my poor husband is subjected to endless worship song ‘repeats’. I’m a big one for full-blown worship sets on YouTube. If I had to choose one it’s probably My Prayer – Live, Bright City (classiiiiiic!)”

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life.
“I am still baffled that having grown up in a family that doesn’t know Jesus – no faith background, no church – I am now ordained into the Church of England. I was invited by a friend to a church youth group when I was at secondary school, and piece by piece I discovered Jesus for myself. I owe this in part to exceptional discipleship and youth leaders (go go go youth leaders!), the power of invitation (it works!), and of course the heart of God pursuing me. Despite my parents’ certainty I was going to grow out of it, deep down I knew then that I had made a life-long commitment and was never going back. Who would have thought years later I’d be Rev’d Hannah Milne?!! Madness.”

Hannah is on the editorial board of Truth Magazine from Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls