Say Goodbye to Anxiety: Book


Written by Elle Limebear & Jane Kirby

A 40-day devotional journal that will help you find real and lasting freedom from anxiety.

Anxiety has been calling the shots for too long. Enough is enough, it’s time to say goodbye.

Elle and Jane get it. Having both suffered with anxiety, they understand how it can impact our daily lives. They also know the difference Jesus can make.

As they honestly share their story, Elle and Jane support and cheer us on as they offer God-given practical tools and strategies to overcome anxiety.

Be encouraged, through these 40 devotional thoughts and journaling reflections, to take daily steps with God’s help to move past anxiety and live life to the full.


“Say Goodbye to Anxiety offers hope to everyone struggling with fear and worry.
Deeply empathetic and unreservedly bold, this book will release a fresh outpouring of God’s presence, peace, and freedom in your life.”
Kari Jobe Carnes

“Anxiety can rob us of so much in life. For that reason it is wonderful that Elle and Jane have written this devotional journal to help those battling fear and worry on a daily basis. Their practical guidance and encouragement – written from personal experience and with strong faith in the God who heals – is both inspiring and upbuilding for those who are struggling with anxiety.”
Nicky Gumbel 

“What a timely book! Right now there is, without question, a silent pandemic of anxiety that seems to be inflicting every generation, but especially our young people. There have been plenty of books written attempting to diagnose the reason for this new and particularly intense wave of anxiety, but what I love most about Elle & Jane’s book is that it offers people some clear gospel-shaped tools to combat those overwhelming feelings of anxiousness. Mental Health is complex and often multilayered. Elle & Jane sensitively use their own experiences of facing anxiety in the context of biblical truth and the power of God’s presence to bring healing and transformation to people’s lives. The format and the tone of the book is so brilliantly accessible without any glib answers or platitudes. I will definitely be recommending to people!”
Rachel Hughes 


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