Issue 002: Have a vision for your future


FREE SHIPPING TO UK. How can you do your creative best right here and now? Issue 002 includes practical tips on thriving where you are, whether it is in your relationships, your work, and even getting up in the morning with a new purpose. We also have powerful stories from inspirational women who you could call the new heroes of the faith! This issue will fill you with hope, courage and excitement for the future.


Inside the magazine: How can you find your purpose and vision for your life right now? Caitlin Zick, author shares how we can do our creative best!

A first hand story of a modern day hero of the faith Maral, who faced the risk of imprisonment and death as a secret believer in Iran.

Five ways you can thrive, and not just survive at work with Rosalind Bootle as she shares life after graduation.

Do you wish you were more of a morning person? Abi Cernik from @standoutgirl provides her wisdom on mastering the art of early starts.

Also we hear from Esther, who has her own fashion label and learnt her trade with Vivian Westwood, she shares about exploitation in the fashion industry and how each of us can make a difference.

And SO much more!

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