How God loves on me

Tell us about your style:

A work in progress! Post pregnancy I have found it can be hard to find things that suit me and make me feel comfortable in my new body. I’m working on finding staple pieces that I can wear again and again with the occasional bold piece and learning to make accessories my friend. I’m a BIG fan of the head scarf/ big hoops combo.

What are you doing right now:

A few different things! I am worship pastor for my church with my husband but I stay at home with our twin girls whilst doing work at home both for church and in network marketing. I’m also trying to write more blogs, share about my journey with anxiety, and day to day life with twins!

What worship song do you have on repeat?

My husband and I wrote a song called ‘You are with me’, there’s a line in it ‘no, I will not allow my fear to take control, for you are with me.’ I’m having to cling to this daily and remember that my God is with me and HE is in control. I also have Amanda Cook’s Album ‘House on a Hill’ on repeat!

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life:

There are countless things that I could tell you about but my favourite things are when he just quietly, gently provides for me. Whether that’s some money through the door, or an encouraging word from a friend, I love that he gives me good things even when I haven’t asked. It’s the daily, consistency of a loving father that transforms me the most.

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