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Lent letters no.1 true fullness

I don’t like emptiness. Whether the car needs fuel, there are no tea bags left in the jar, the digits in my bank account are dwindling. These things need filling. I like them full. That way, I can get to where I’m going, I’m appropriately caffeinated and I can buy myself something new

I’ve been reflecting on how I approach God regarding fullness. I come to him requesting, pleading for him to fill my finances, my confidence, my purpose. I plead for him to fill a void that I see in my life, with stuff

God redirected me to the story of the woman at the well in John 4. She arrives at the well, with one agenda; to fill her jar with water. But there she finds Jesus, the living water! She meets the man who knows everything she ever did and can meet her every need

She went to have her jar filled with water, but instead Jesus gives her true fullness, she can’t help but share the good news with the town and, catch this – literally leaves the water jar behind (verse 28), the reason she went to the well, to run and tell everyone.

God wants to bless me. He wants to bless my finances and bless the whole of my life. But I’m asking Jesus to fill me. Not my stuff. I’m seeking his kingdom first, all other things will be added in their time. I am the container he wants to experience true fullness, to overflow!

This lent we are the jars he wants to fill. 

Love Georgia x

Georgia Grange, RHRG family

Remember this:
“But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” John 4:14

Read this:
John 4 (NLT) – Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Journal this:
Q. God, what are the ‘jars’ in my life that I have been asking you to fill?
Q. God, what is it you’re wanting to fill me with in this season?

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Would you like to create a vision for your life?

Do you ever want to find someone who will be able to tell you: “this is what you should be doing right now”? I know I have!

This Thursday to celebrate the launch of issue 2 of truth magazine we have an INSTA LIVE (8pm GMT @rebelheartsrebelgirls) with CAITLIN ZICK of Moral Revolution to talk about exactly that and a few other wonderful things!

Caitlin has written a book all about purpose and vision and is interviewed in the magazine where she shares how we can live a life of adventure with God and “what’s the creative best you can do with your own life right now.”

Really can’t wait to you on Thursday! It’s going to be FUN! Come along and join us!

To BUY the new edition of truth magazine click here.

Love Jane xx
Editor truth magazine

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A whole load of goodness

Oh my gosh! Very very soon issue 002 is going to be out and we CANNOT WAIT to share it with you. Seriously we’ve been working away, talking to some really very lovely women, who are going to share their stories with you. Also we’ve got master classes and other super stuff. It’s literally so exciting. With so much love to you the team at Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls xxx

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Truth magazine launches

Get me a nice coffee and a pastry and my fav mag. I just love it. BUT… I don’t know about you but I’m hankering after reading about something other than Gwyneth’s latest product on Goop or what Beyoncé wears in the afternoon (although I’m quite curious), something that will challenge me, cheer me on, inspire me, shape me and make me WOOP WOOP.

I’d really like to get my hands on a magazine that helps me to get closer to God, causes me to get on my knees and ask for more of him in my life, makes me laugh, and helps me to be the woman God has made me to be, and now I can. In fact I helped to put it together for these very reasons.

Truth magazine from Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls is coming atcha and we want to shout out loud over your life with words that we pray will give you LIFE. It’s out now and is is available to buy here for £5 inc p&p.

In the very first issue of truth we have a feature on marriage and relationships written by Imogen who reaches the conclusion that she needs to give up the fantasy she has about marriage and surrender everything to God. Seriously she’s so inspiring.

Also there is a piece on our relationship with our phones and how it’s simply a device and not the source of all life. We delve deeper into a very big issue for the Church (more to come on that one), and have a really very special interview with Elle Limebear who recently released her first album Lost in Wonder in which she talks about going on tour, what its like growing up in a large family and her dreams for this generation.

As well as so so so much more!

Our aim is to publish quarterly, but can’t wait for you to see this edition, available here: click here to buy.

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Five blessings to speak over your future

By Leah Felton

During lock down my family and I have been speaking out blessings over each other, taken from a book about the power of spoken blessings.

I have experienced such a drastic change in my heart and mind as a result and it’s helped completely transform my thought life and the way I feel about my future as I look ahead during this time.

When you speak out blessings you fill your spirit with God’s truth and his intentions for you. It gives your spirit the boost it needs and fills the any gaps in your life with God’s desires for you, in his perfect timing.

Five blessings

Here are five blessings you can speak over yourself and declare for your future.

Rebel Hearts, Rebel Girls I call your spirits to attention to receive all that the Lord has for you:

  • (Fill in the name), I bless you to encounter the Holy Spirit and his dreams for your future. I bless you to dream big dreams and to see past the crazy and impossible
  • (Fill in the name), I bless you to be free. Free from worry, fear, expectation or judgement. I bless you to be free like a wild flower, whose roots grow wherever they desire.
  • (Fill in the name), I bless you to feel God’s movement in your life. I bless your feet to follow the path God had set out for you.
  • (Fill in the name), I bless your spirit to trust in the Lord, so that you can fall into your future without worry or fear of what you could face, because God is on your side.
  • (Fill in the name), I bless you with restoration of relationships. I bless you with such a sense of peace in Jesus that you can hand over these relationships to Him. So that he can mend them together with gold.

Be blessed in knowing that nothing in your past, present or future can take His love from you.

Book links

The Power of Spoken Blessings

Spirit Blessings

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I want to see the Church rise up

Hi I’m Zoe, and believe it or not, I’m just like you. Growing up was always a blast as an adopted black girl, but it made me who I am today.

Being asked why I was at certain places or how I got here and my personal favorite, my mom said we can’t be friends, really opened my eyes to the fact that racism is real. This always hurt as a young kid, but it showed me over time, who the good friends were and the families I wanted to be around were. When I was in high school I played softball, and it was one of the best things going on in my life. As always the end of a season comes and you ask your coach if you will make the varsity team. So I did. He said no, you don’t fit the mould and you don’t have the look we are going for. It was obvious, there were only fit and toned white girls or light skin girls on the team and I was a curvy black girl.

Getting a job and continuing my education were probably the easiest things out of all of this. Church was where I felt safe. My dad was the youth pastor at the church I went to and the kids were well, kids. I only got picked on because they were like family and it never had anything to do with the fact I was black. Friendships were a mix of different things. Like I’d mentioned earlier that I did have some people say they couldn’t be my friends or tell my friends that they shouldn’t be friends with a black girl. But in high-school I had girls just hate me, for no reason. There was never any explanation. But I also had a solid group of friends of all colors, ethnicities and races. My best friend who I have known my entire life, who has loved me and seen me as human her whole life is white. That was the majority of my good, close friends. We saw each other for who we were and loved and appreciated each person’s culture.

I never experienced pain like the pain when I moved. I moved from Orange County, where if people had a problem they would post it on Facebook and tell their friends behind you back. But now I live in a small town where you can never tell if the lady is gonna make a racist comment or ask you how you are and if she can pray for you. But two weeks ago I was driving in my dad’s truck on the way to a friend’s house, and as I’m driving a kid starts to cross the street. I make a full stop and wave the lady and her son on to go ahead and this lady does something I’ve never seen before. She stands right in front of my stopped car and yells and says “STOP!! YOU BETTER STOP RIGHT NOW!!! HEY! I SAID STOP!!”. The whole time I’m sitting with my foot completely on the brake, and as she walks by I hear her say “Stupid black people.” I have never wanted to cry or scream or punch something more in my entire life. The anger I felt, the hurt and pain, and the understanding of the fact that I live in California, and it is so much worse for people living elsewhere.

I guess I feel patronized when people treat me like I don’t know what I’m doing.

I want to see the church rise up and not be afraid to speak on this and give a voice to the black community. As a Christian I grew up knowing we are all equal and created in God’s image, meaning there are no mistakes. So when I see people saying that the black community needs to be gotten rid of it hurts me, because I know we have a purpose and a reason to be alive.

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God, your will be done

Hey my name is Precious and I’m from Leicester.

My style depends on the day,  I love a good pinafore dress or a pair of dungarees. some days you will find me in gym clothes even when I’m not at the gym!  (yes, Netflix counts as a marathon). 

I am a paediatric nurse and currently work in a children and young people’s hospice. I’m driven by a passion for care and compassion, especially advocating for vulnerable people. I’m also training to be a personal trainer.

On my days off from work You will find me playing my guitar or painting and drawing. 

Maverick City are currently my go to worship playlist, Man of Your Word and Promises are on repeat!

Over this social isolation period, God has really been speaking to me about Fear! He’s been showing me that in times of uncertainty – he is certain, in times of confusion – he sees clearly and in times of pain – he is my comfort. 

Fear and anxiety can be crippling, it can cause us to become overwhelmed and doubtful of the goodness of God, but I’ve been learning that in seasons or times where we have no control over, the best thing we can do is say “God your will be done”. But not just say it, to mean it with every fibre of our being because we really do trust God has the best outcome for our lives, as he is such a good good father! In the bible it repeats the words ‘Do not be afraid’, ‘Do not fear’ and ‘Do not worry’ over and over again! God knows this is something we are going to struggle with in our lifetime because our strength is not enough, but God reminds us we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, we just need to wholeheartedly lean into him.

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Hope arise

Hope by definition is: a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen, to expect with confidence, a feeling of trust. 

That’s quite a weighty word wouldn’t you agree? 

Undoubtedly, lockdown will have been one of the strangest experiences of many of our lives. One I pray we never have to live through again. We’ve missed our friends, family, loved ones. We’ve longed for Sunday afternoons in a beer garden with the sun on our faces. We’ve missed beach days, barbecues and birthdays.

Eight weeks in, we have seen a (vague) light at the end of the tunnel. But that is still a long way away and sometimes, I don’t know about you, I can feel a little hopeless. I wonder when this will all end, like really end, and hoping for ‘the other side’ doesn’t come easy. 

I can’t count how many times I have said “I hope so” or “hopefully” in my life, but if I’m being truthful, I use those words to have a little pity party. I don’t ‘hope so’ because I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that my situation isn’t going to change. I’m not ‘hopeful’ because I am disappointed. This has, at times, also been my quarantine conversation. 

When I was out on a walk a week or so ago, I was  (real talk) in a foul mood, thinking about hope. I thought about how it’s so ridiculous and that I have none. Then, I got a picture about it and reflecting on it, I found it really interesting. Maybe you will too. 

Hope is like a periscope. I am the submarine.

From what I know about submarines (which isn’t much) they travel submerged and navigate pretty much in the dark. They then use a periscope, essentially a telescope, that arises from the submarinesto see what is happening above surface level. What does the landscape look like? What is around? Is it safe? The viewer looks through the lens of the periscope and through reflections can gain a 360 degree view of what is happening 250m above where they actually are.

I don’t know your personal story, or where you’re at. But from my heart to yours, if you feel submerged by your circumstance or the route you’re taking feels dark, you can choose to look through the lens of hope.

When we look through the lens of hope, though we may still be submerged below the surface, we can see beyond. The beauty of a periscope is that it picks up a 360 degree view. Looking through the lens of Hope gives us a more comprehensive view than the lenses of doubt, fear or uncertainty ever could. 

If you looked through a lens of Hope what would you see? If you were to view your situation expecting a shift with confidence, how would it look? If you were to see your struggle and trust that relief will come, how would it change you?

If you’re anything like me, I can sometimes tread a fine line between hope and fantasy. Honestly, it puts me off hoping for anything. Like I said before, I resign myself to the fact that things won’t change. However, the way in which hope is different to fantasy is, it has a firm foundation and my firm foundation is Jesus. I believe that my hope is completely in him and who he says that he is. So, I decided to read what the bible had to say about hope. It says a lot, but what really struck me was some words that I read connected to hope or hoping, particularly in Jesus.

Something to leave you with, something that I am trying out right now. Keep hope simple. Hope is magnificent yet still microscopic. I’m trying to hope simply that tomorrow will be a good day, so that in time I can hope for something that seems crazy to me. Our obedience in hoping confidently for the small things, trains us and equips us to confidently hope for things much bigger. 

When the lens of past failure begins to rise, choose hope.

When the lens of doubt takes charge, choose hope.

When the lens of uncertainty clouds your view, choose hope.

Hope is a gift. We all have access to it. Let hope arise, look around and change your perspective.

A copy of this article was published previously here.