Love is what binds us

Tell us about your style:

“I dress dependent on what my day involves. You’ll usually find me in active wear running after my kids first thing, jeans and a slogan T shirt after I’ve exercised if working from home, or a dress mixed with trainers and a denim jacket if I’m in meetings. I left the corporate world last year, and LOVE not having to be restricted by office wear. I’m also a great believer in dressing to make yourself feel better. That’s why I own leather trousers!”

What are you doing right now?:

“I’m currently writing a book! It’s something I never thought I would do, but in 2016, I lived through two life altering events simultaneously. My young husband passed away from advanced bowel cancer, leaving me as a 33-year-old widow and single mum. Before George died, we were both atheists, but God, slammed into our brokenness in a very tangible and real way. The supernatural, and very millennial twists of our testimony continue to amaze me, and those that walked with us. This is why I’m so purposeful about wanting to record our love story through words. Essentially, I lost the love of my life, but gained the greatest love we can all ever know, it was true story of being saved.”

What worship song do you have on repeat?:

“I wrote most of my memoir to “New Wine” by Hillsong Worship.”

Something you have learnt that you would like to have told your younger-self?:

“Death can be beautiful and is not to be feared. Life is fragile, and each day is to be walked in purpose and gratitude, even when you think it’s impossible to find. Love is what binds us and makes us who we are.”

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