Five blessings to speak over your future

By Leah Felton

During lock down my family and I have been speaking out blessings over each other, taken from a book about the power of spoken blessings.

I have experienced such a drastic change in my heart and mind as a result and it’s helped completely transform my thought life and the way I feel about my future as I look ahead during this time.

When you speak out blessings you fill your spirit with God’s truth and his intentions for you. It gives your spirit the boost it needs and fills the any gaps in your life with God’s desires for you, in his perfect timing.

Five blessings

Here are five blessings you can speak over yourself and declare for your future.

Rebel Hearts, Rebel Girls I call your spirits to attention to receive all that the Lord has for you:

  • (Fill in the name), I bless you to encounter the Holy Spirit and his dreams for your future. I bless you to dream big dreams and to see past the crazy and impossible
  • (Fill in the name), I bless you to be free. Free from worry, fear, expectation or judgement. I bless you to be free like a wild flower, whose roots grow wherever they desire.
  • (Fill in the name), I bless you to feel God’s movement in your life. I bless your feet to follow the path God had set out for you.
  • (Fill in the name), I bless your spirit to trust in the Lord, so that you can fall into your future without worry or fear of what you could face, because God is on your side.
  • (Fill in the name), I bless you with restoration of relationships. I bless you with such a sense of peace in Jesus that you can hand over these relationships to Him. So that he can mend them together with gold.

Be blessed in knowing that nothing in your past, present or future can take His love from you.

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  • thanks for sharing the powerful blessings RHRG, they were quite impactful at first read and I feel blessed already. what’s your plan for the blog? where do you plan on taking it from here?

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