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Bringing my passions to God

Hey Mima tell us about your style:

“I feel so fun wearing bright colours, and revel in the creativity of choosing which ones to wear together! I find sharing clothes with my friends super fun and a great way to practice slow fashion, plus it always highlights when I’m holding onto my possessions too tightly!”

What are you passionate about?

“From sexuality to modern slavery, feeling passionate tends to come quickly to me. I’m learning to bring anything I feel passionate about to Father first, seeking him and being led in my passion by his voice and word. Otherwise, I often find my passion crosses into criticism and judgement. Ultimately, I believe only he can heal our land. So I want my first passion to be for the ministry of reconciliation.”

What worship song do you have on repeat?

“There is so much music leading me into worship at the moment! But if I were to pick one song it’d be One Who Stays by Summit Sounds. The lyrics are a cry to keep presenting our lives in total surrender at Jesus’ feet.”

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life:

“I’ve lived based upon what sort of life I can build for myself and who I can prove to be. But God’s shown me that ‘my life’ isn’t my own, neither to hold onto nor to build. Jesus says ‘I will build my church’, and has been faithful to build me. He tells us ‘whoever loses his life for My sake will find it’, and is bringing me into the freedom of a life dependent on the Life.”

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God doesn’t point a finger of shame

Hey Sofia, tell us about your style: “My style is mostly jumpsuits which is fun hahah! I love the amount of space my legs have to breathe specially if they have culotte bottoms! I also love anything with patterns or just quite different specially if it’s on sale!”

What are you doing right now?: “I’m doing a gap year in my church! I thought I’d dedicate the year between sixth form and university to God. I’m passionate about justice, my heart is for the one that is pushed aside, the one who doesn’t yet see their potential.”

What worship song do you have on repeat: “There are so many great worship songs out at the moment that I have on repeat but my favourite one has to be Have My Heart by Maverick City.

Tell us something transformational in your life: “A transformational thing God has done in me is revealed the heart of the Father. I’m learning to trust in His character above all else. I know that God is a kind, generous, loving, perfect Father. So this is how I challenge myself to see the world and my personal circumstances. I’m learning that He doesn’t point the finger of shame when I mess up. He actually wants to hold me and clean my mess for me. Jesus is the greatest gift the Father has given us, He is the prize. He cleans ALL my mess. Let me encourage you to seek God not for what He can do but for who He is.”

I’m learning to trust his character above all else.

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On my best day and on my worst day, God doesn’t change

Some of us will be experiencing disappointment as events and plans get cancelled or postponed due to the global pandemic. Athlete and student at Warwick University, Kare Adenegan was in training with the hope of representing Great Britain at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Kare, today’s Saturday Girl, shares her experience: “I was Initially quite upset that the paralympics was postponed to next year, just because I had put a lot of effort into my training and in preparation for it to happen. But actually this time in isolation has allowed me to grow as an athlete and a person.”

“It was the right decision to postpone the games because it was also for the greater good, so in that sense I think that God reminded me that I have very little control over my life. I can’t always plan things to happen exactly how I want them to and there are more important things than my plans! I have been reminded that God works all things for the good of those who love him so that encourages me through this situation too! I have also had more time to pray and read God’s word so a lot of good has come out of a tough season of uncertainty.”

Tell us about your style: “My style is very casual and laid back. It alternates between bright Lycra during athletics training and sweatshirts and leggings or joggers the rest of the time! Plus lots of Nike swooshes.”

What worship song do you have on repeat?: “There’s so many songs I currently have on repeat but I’d say my favourites are ‘Excess Love’, covered by Osby Berry. It’s a declaration of Jesus’ love for us. I don’t fully understand his love, it’s hard for us to fully comprehend but we can be thankful for it! And ‘Good and Loved’ by Travis Greene and Steffany Gretzinger. This song is also about God’s love, how it is steadfast and how we should be confident in it!”

We’d love to hear more about what God has done in your life: “God has radically changed my outlook on life. I was once full of self-pity, negativity and overwhelmed by doubt. I don’t have it all figured out, but I know he does. There’s been highs and lows on and off the track, but I’m constantly reminded that on my best day and my worst day, God does not change. The peace and joy I have in his presence surpasses anything else in this world.”

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I am not too much, or not enough

Anna, tell us about your style:

“I love fashion and playing with colour (learning what works for you with the colour wheel is a game-changer!), so I love bold colours, styles and clean lines. I always wear a red lippy (Chanel 102 is what I’ve worn for at least 7 years now!).”

What are you doing right now?:

“Where do I begin?! My day job is an account manager in the creative media dept for a church in West London. Ministry is my heart though, so I’m studying theology part time to see if ordination is the right path for me. Ultimately though, I am PASSIONATE about empowering women and showing them how Jesus sees them – and have just launched my podcast in pursuit of this (link in my bio!).”

What worship song do you have on repeat?

“At the moment it’s ‘Kind’ by my friend Ben Potter. He wrote this when we studied together at ministry school in California and it sums up what I learned that year about God’s heart.”

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life:

“My story is a wild one; it’s a story of redemption and God’s pursuit of my heart. I used to literally hate myself; I thought I was an excuse for a Christian and an apology of a woman – but He has restored me and redeemed me and I am taking my seat at the table; knowing I’m worthy and important, and I have something to say. I learned that God actually loves me as I am, I’m not too much or not enough – He loves my tender heart and strong will – and both are powerful when used for His glory. I learned that I don’t need to do anything to get God’s attention, He sees me and knows me, and He pursues me – He’s not embarrassed or ashamed of me, because I’m His daughter. My whole life is a story of Him transforming me, and I want anyone I come into contact with to know that this can be their story too. You are SENSATIONAL!”

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Wanna know what victory feels like?

Hey Ashlee tell us about your style: “My style is actually a lot more than JUST clothes. My style is a representation of things: things like happiness or even sadness sometimes. But clothes have always been my way of expression certain emotions silently.”

What are you doing right now?:

“I am an aspiring artist and producer. I currently work as an independent videographer and photographer as well as some other things. But, I am most passionate about creating an atmosphere of expression that magnifies FREEDOM and loving each-other correctly. So my passions are aimed at challenging people to approach everything victoriously!”

What worship song do you have on repeat?:

“A worship song that really really gets me is, “The Giant is Dead” by Dante Bowe. Wanna know what victory feels like? listen to that!”

How is God transforming you?: “God does something transformational every single day of my life. I would say I am most grateful for the continual renewal of my heart’s posture and my perspective towards the things He has created are just transformation enough!”

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God is so cool how he works

Tell us about your style: “I’ve been told that I have LA or Miami street style by many people, or that I would “fit in perfectly” in Nashville. So, I suppose, if there was a definition, it would be street style? Haha I basically just love to wear what makes me feel the most like me and expresses my outgoing personality.”

What are you doing right now?: “I’m working in a restaurant on the beach! I live in Florida and I love the ocean so I love that, where I work gives me full access to it! I am very passionate about people and so I am also thankful that the place I work gives me the opportunity to talk to many people all day long. I live by this idea that everyone can teach you something and I love to search for that in everyone I talk to!”

What worship song do you have on repeat?: “Highlands (Song of Ascent)” by Hillsong United. This song has truthfully changed my life. When the “People” album came out, I was coming out of a time of deep sadness. A lot was happening in my life and I was lower than I had ever truly been. I was searching and praying for God to show me how to get out of it.”

“So, when I was listening to “Highlands” one of the lines that stood out to me was; “…You’re the summit where my feet are…” At first, I couldn’t figure out why that line stood out to me so much, but then I felt like God spoke to me and reminded me that I am always on “the summit” which is the highest point of a mountain. That no matter how low I feel or where my life is at, good or bad, I am always on the “mountain top” because He is the Summit and He is always with me and I stand upon Him.”

What is something transformational God has done in your life?: “God moved me to Florida. I was 21, very very shy, and thought I was stuck.

But He presented me with an amazing opportunity to intern at a church here and learn leadership skills, preaching and teaching skills, and people skills.”

“Now, three years later, after an awesome internship and A LOT of growth, I am one of the most outgoing people you’ll meet (seriously, I’ll talk your ear off…), I love preaching and getting up in front of people (this is CRAZY for me…) and I am a very free spirit who loves seeking adventure.

God is so cool how He works and I can’t wait for Him to show me the next place, person and opportunity.”

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I’m intoxicated by the joy of the Lord

Tell us about your style:

My style goes from all the colours of the rainbow, to complete black, to really whacky trousers, to glam, to un-brushed hair in a baggy tee and hippie trousers but I think there’s generally a vintage vibe there throughout all the outfits. It totally depends on how I feel after I’ve come into the day but getting dressed in the morning to me is my artistic expression and something I really look forward to.

What are you doing right now and what are you passionate about?)

I’m a youth pastor ATM! Hang outs talking about Jesus with young people are one of my faves. I’m also a youtuber and a blogger – and our blog also just realised our first mag! Which is crazy. We talk about walking with Jesus, authenticity and living from love. Three topics I’m super passionate about! 

What worship song do you have on repeat?

Lucy Grimble – Overcomer! Big up Lucy – what a worship tune to declare on the grey days! 

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life

I straight up would not be where I am today without a work of the Holy Spirit in my life. Guys… no jokes – Jesus has set me free. I used to be pretty reckless in my teenage years and took quite a few drugs during that time – it got to the point where I started to feel so empty because I was chasing something drugs, boys, binge drinking and parties couldn’t give me. I started to cry out to God and he took me on a journey to receiving HIS joy – which was better than any drug I ever took AND I didn’t have to have a come down or a hangover. Now I can dance just as crazy but now I’m intoxicated by the Joy of the Lord. His joy is better than anything this world can offer! And I don’t have any desire to go back.. through Jesus – I got victory over that stuff! Pretty cool.