I am not too much, or not enough

Anna, tell us about your style:

“I love fashion and playing with colour (learning what works for you with the colour wheel is a game-changer!), so I love bold colours, styles and clean lines. I always wear a red lippy (Chanel 102 is what I’ve worn for at least 7 years now!).”

What are you doing right now?:

“Where do I begin?! My day job is an account manager in the creative media dept for a church in West London. Ministry is my heart though, so I’m studying theology part time to see if ordination is the right path for me. Ultimately though, I am PASSIONATE about empowering women and showing them how Jesus sees them – and have just launched my podcast in pursuit of this (link in my bio!).”

What worship song do you have on repeat?

“At the moment it’s ‘Kind’ by my friend Ben Potter. He wrote this when we studied together at ministry school in California and it sums up what I learned that year about God’s heart.”

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life:

“My story is a wild one; it’s a story of redemption and God’s pursuit of my heart. I used to literally hate myself; I thought I was an excuse for a Christian and an apology of a woman – but He has restored me and redeemed me and I am taking my seat at the table; knowing I’m worthy and important, and I have something to say. I learned that God actually loves me as I am, I’m not too much or not enough – He loves my tender heart and strong will – and both are powerful when used for His glory. I learned that I don’t need to do anything to get God’s attention, He sees me and knows me, and He pursues me – He’s not embarrassed or ashamed of me, because I’m His daughter. My whole life is a story of Him transforming me, and I want anyone I come into contact with to know that this can be their story too. You are SENSATIONAL!”

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