I’m in it for the wild ride

Tell us about your style:

Oooh I love this question! Colour colour colour! I have no rules, if I feel like wearing something, I’m gonna jolly well wear it! There are times when I have to shake off some pre-assumed judgements of what people (girls) might think of me and then I try to carry on wearing what I love that makes me (and only me!)  feel good.

Girls, if you want to wear heels on a Tuesday, you should do it too. Game changer. They make me feel like I could change the world ?????

What are you doing right now?:

I’ve just finished my diploma in childcare and now I am nannying and working in a cafe to save some ??.

I have lots of passions and frustrations that I’m working out at the moment. Mostly to do with young people and the epic revival that’s started! I know I have them for a reason however I’m in the process of learning why I have them and what God’s asking me to do about them. I’m not sure what my future looks like but I am guaranteed a good’n if I stick to His plan. 

What worship song do you have on repeat?:

At the moment, my favourite worship song is (so embarrassingly) my dad’s song, 

‘Give thanks for a broken heart’. It is a sum up of the journey me and my family have been on recently and it reminds me of how kind God is throughout all of life.

We’d love to hear about what adventures do you want to go on with Jesus?:

Wow. Goodness me. I’m just in it for the wild ride. Hoping that I’m being obedient to God’s plan, and go wherever he wants me to go. But in terms of what I want, yikes. I would love to be a young person talking to young people about Jesus and how important it is to stay faithful to him. I’m not sure what that looks like yet though ?

I realise that we’ve normalised the idea that  young people come away from God during their teens then come back to faith when they’re adults. I refuse that normal for Generation X, my generation. That time is the most crucial, so if you’re a young person reading, stick with it!! Grin and bear the comments and the mocking. I know how cruel people can be, even teachers. God says ‘Don’t loose your grip on Love and Loyalty’ 

So keep loving people and stay loyal to him because I bet your bottom dollar your gonna thank yourself later. 

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