Understand yourself

Tell us about your style:

“I used to work in the fashion industry and have a wardrobe full of gifts of designer frocks, coats and hats. Sadly this was before I understood what suited me! I’m now a fully signed up charity shopper, committed to not buying new (except shoes and underwear) as I’m understanding the toxic impact of fashion on the environment. My style, if I have one, tends to be ‘less is more’, with a focus on plain, natural fabric and shape, aspiring to Italian chic (with the addition of trainers or brogues).  I don’t often succeed!”

What are you doing right now:

“I work for Resurgo, a charity that transforms the lives of those facing some of the greatest social challenges in the UK. I’m passionate about the power of the individual – everyone can make a difference in some way and lots of small daily actions have a huge impact over a lifetime. The courage to carry on always inspires me.”

What worship song do you have on repeat?:

“’Nothing but the Blood of Jesus’ Guvna B”

Something you have learnt that you would like to have told your younger self:

“Understand yourself.  Stop and look and listen to what you enjoy, gravitate to, comes naturally and also what you struggle with. Listen to those who know you well. This will help guide the big decisions and help understand who you were made to be.”

“This is something I’m still learning…”

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