I’m thankful to be able to be still with God

Hello my name is Ellie and I am from Horsham, West Sussex. I have just come home from France where I did an incredible ski season working as a chalet host. I absolutely loved every second of it. As I am currently on a gap year, I had originally planned to go travelling now, but instead I am taking this time to truly go deep with God, spending quality time with Him and resting in His presence.

Everyday I am learning more about how He sees me and His desires for me. My bestie Zoë and I have been waking up at 7:30 each day to spend a good couple of hours on FaceTime whilst reading an amazing book by Dannah Gresh called ‘get lost’ it’s all about agape and finding your true love… God! It’s taught me so much, I feel my relationship with him is deeper than ever and I finally understand things I never did before. I’m seeing this whole crisis in a completely different light, I am so deeply in love with with God. I’m choosing joy, because I know how great my Saviour is, and his unfailing love for me.

I can’t explain how grateful I am to have had this time to stop, be still, and focus on him and his desires. I am eager to learn more about him, this is just the start. But I know that I am becoming more of who he made me to be, I want everyone to experience his agape.

Doing daily devotionals and bible studies with my best friend Zoë is not only so much fun because we get to chat every morning, but we also start each day with God. I’ve realised how important that is for me, to focus on him before anything else.

This September I will be going to Bristol University to study Geography, I am really excited for what this new adventure will bring.

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