I have learnt just how powerful Jesus is

Hi! My name is Millie and I am living in the sunny seaside town of Weston super Mare.

I am currently spending my time working as much as I can, as I am a key worker in a nursing home and it’s the only form of human interaction I can get (the joys of living alone!) When I am home I’ve been writing a lot of music, and have been taking a lot of inspiration from the current global situation for worship songs.  

I have been really struggling with the “isolation” I am experiencing right now. I was used to seeing my friends and family every day, and spending 4+ days a week at church; to go from that to nothing has been really hard. It has however helped me understand that it’s the people who make the church not the building, and as Matthew 18:20 says “for where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” For me these gatherings have been on Zoom, and still putting that time aside in my week to delve into His word has been really helping me get through this.

I have been creating a lot more art than usual these past few weeks, and I’ve found such a joy in writing as well as making films. There is no better time to start that project you have been procrastinating, no better time to learn that new skill. I find variety makes all the difference between a “meh” day and a fun day.

I have learnt just how powerful Jesus is. Handing over a situation to him is so so scary at first, but as soon as you trust in him all the negativity goes and you are left with the most perfect and pure love.

Working with sick and elderly people in such close quarters can be super emotionally hard, and one shift just as I felt like I was about to give up I stumbled onto the chapel in the building. I had only been there for a week so there were still whole wings of this building I hadn’t been to and as it used to be a nunnery of course there was going to be a chapel, but that still doesn’t discount the fact I found it at exactly the moment I needed it. I spent about fifteen minutes in there, worshipping, praying and reading the bible (shout out to Psalm 91) and when I left to go back to work I felt so joyous and ready to take on anything. It’s so weird that God knows exactly what you need and provides the answer just as you are about to give up.

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