God, your will be done

Hey my name is Precious and I’m from Leicester.

My style depends on the day,  I love a good pinafore dress or a pair of dungarees. some days you will find me in gym clothes even when I’m not at the gym!  (yes, Netflix counts as a marathon). 

I am a paediatric nurse and currently work in a children and young people’s hospice. I’m driven by a passion for care and compassion, especially advocating for vulnerable people. I’m also training to be a personal trainer.

On my days off from work You will find me playing my guitar or painting and drawing. 

Maverick City are currently my go to worship playlist, Man of Your Word and Promises are on repeat!

Over this social isolation period, God has really been speaking to me about Fear! He’s been showing me that in times of uncertainty – he is certain, in times of confusion – he sees clearly and in times of pain – he is my comfort. 

Fear and anxiety can be crippling, it can cause us to become overwhelmed and doubtful of the goodness of God, but I’ve been learning that in seasons or times where we have no control over, the best thing we can do is say “God your will be done”. But not just say it, to mean it with every fibre of our being because we really do trust God has the best outcome for our lives, as he is such a good good father! In the bible it repeats the words ‘Do not be afraid’, ‘Do not fear’ and ‘Do not worry’ over and over again! God knows this is something we are going to struggle with in our lifetime because our strength is not enough, but God reminds us we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, we just need to wholeheartedly lean into him.

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