Giving yourself permission to dream with the artist BEKA

We are so EXCITED to reveal that the artist BEKA who just launched her debut EP I’ll Be There features in the SUMMER edition of truth magazine as our very own cover story, YESSSS

BEKA will be sharing HER STORY, what it was like touring with HONNE, her journey to becoming an artist and so so much more PURE GOLD…watch this space for OUR SUMMER ISSUE FRONT COVER REVEAL!

PRE-SALE starts Wednesday 12 May – with our special PROMO CODE to order (released on Wednesday). 


2 Replies to “Giving yourself permission to dream with the artist BEKA”

  • Hi Jane I just watched your testimoney of overcoming anxiety through god’s word
    After many trials still going on god had taken me through there are still many going on in my family for myself I started having panick attacks and so much anxiety that it was affecting my blood pressure and under doctors to get the heart rate down as I do have hypertension so I prayed tonight lord of all mercy lord of all grace I don’t have the strength in myself but calling on your healing for physical spiritual help with these anxitey attacks and to be able to get my heart rate down lord I ask that through your healing blood you would heal my heart physically and mentally in Jesus name I plead the blood of Jesus to bring healing to my granddaughter with complicated illness but I declare no illness is too complicated for you you healed the leaper the blind man the woman with bleeding for my sister there is autoimmune afflictiion where the body attacks her own body my granddaughter too my husband for continuing recover from phnemonia and other heart surgery for my myself I thank you for delivering me from cancer and I thank you pray your continuing help with blood pressure in Jesus name I pray every attack my loved ones and myself against every mental strongholds that have kept us bound now be bind in heaven and by your blood I pray loose healing mind body soul on myself my family come holy spirt for my daughter the one caring for my granddaughter I cry loose the afflictions and fears and the pain that has bound us I cry mercy lord mercy on every part of us lord I need you. Now they need you now that each one would know the healing power of God in mind body soul spirit in jesus name I thank you lord hide us under the shadow of your wing be our refuge our strength our fortress against all evil be the shield that protects us day night thank you Jesus praise you lord I love you Jesus I know and believe you can do this blessed be the name of the lord Jesus Christ pour your blood your angels surround us encamp around us day night hiding us from the arrows that fly by day and the pestilance stalk in the dark standing on your promise to do this for myself and family plead your constant blood coveting us that nothing will consume us but your love oh lord hear my prayer in Jesus name amen thank you Jesus

    • Dear Christine, thank you so much for your message. I pray that God hears your cries and sees your tears and will heal you and your family. Jane

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