This might just help you

Behind truth magazine is to see ALL women lifted up, encouraged the socks off, cheered on, and given content that really makes a difference. Why because you are so worth it!

So this is our 1st anniversary issue and we’re really thankful to all of the women who’ve contributed to this edition. Let’s start with Natalie Manuel Lee, who is on our cover. Natalie shares so much lived wisdom in this our feature interview. Do take a read.

Also in this issue is a feature with Lucy White of Luminary Bakery in which she talks about the impact of Proverbs 31 on her working life and how it’s okay to be ambitious.

For all of the writers and would be writers, we’ve got a beautiful piece from Caz Talbot about the heart behind songwriting.

Talking about the heart. A beautiful prayer for this season is written by Corina Straub. It’s so powerful and relevant for now.

So if you are looking for some help in your journey, take a look at truth magazine, cause babe, we’re here for you.

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