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It’s our 1st birthday issue

Hey Babe!

We’re celebrating our 1st birthday edition out today, but not only that I want to celebrate you.

Because, according to L’Oreal all of us girls are “worth it”, but so so so more importantly God says it, God believes it and God knows it. We all have such awesome treasure in jars of clay and who are we not to share our treasure with others. Who are we to say that we’re not good enough, or gifted enough or will never make it. Who are we to deny and push down and shrink what God has put inside of us.

Let me tell you that truth magazine is here to say that you can do it. You can be that girl you always hoped and dreamed you would be, why because you already are. It’s already there inside you, just waiting to be realised and nurtured and grown and encouraged.

So if you are looking for some help in your journey, take a look at truth magazine, cause babe, we’re here for you.

Lots of love Jane

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