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5 things that have helped with anxiety

Eight years ago I suffered what you might call a breakdown and began a battle with anxiety. I was prescribed medication, I went through 2 years of counselling, had a LOT of prayer ministry and today, I’m off the medication (with the Dr’s advice) and free of anxiety.

If I were to give a short summary of what helped, this would be it. My 5 things. I’ve also written a little book about it, based on my experience and in the style of the Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls posts. Be free from anxiety you can buy it here.

Five things:

1. Jesus can be trusted so I put my trust in him
I was anxious about being anxious. Blown away by worry. Fearful of fear. I wasn’t standing on solid ground. I didn’t have roots that went deep enough with Jesus. So that needed to be addressed big time! I learnt to put 100% of my trust in him.

2. Professionals are professional so I went and saw a few
I got help. I saw the Doctor. I got the right medication. I had counselling. It was good. It wasn’t always easy but it helped me find healing. It helped me to forgive. It helped me to dig out some of the nasty stuff that had accumulated in my life.

3. I confessed my mess because it was good for me
I was in a mess. I had made mistakes (I still do). I had carried with me past hurts and pain. The wounds I had became infected with anger and bitterness and resentment (amongst other things). The healing came when I began a process of confession with people I trusted. 

4. The bible is living and active so I activated it in my life
OH MY DAYS! This book. It’s the best. I read it out aloud. I said verses over myself again and again and again. It worked. 

5. Worship was my trip and is my tip
On the floor. Dancing. Crying. Laughing. Worship was and is my go to for breakthrough. And got it I did.

Finally I had the help and love of my family and friends. What an amazingly wonderful group of people they were and are. 

If you are suffering today, don’t suffer in silence. Please. Speak to your friends. See your Doctor. Speak to someone. 

There is hope. Hope has a name. Jesus.

By Jane Kirby, editor of truth magazine.

To buy Be free from anxiety click here .

Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls is a no nonsense relatable insta and the publishers of truth magazine a new title for women, designed to cheer you on, challenge you and point you to Jesus. You can buy a copy here.

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God is so cool how he works

Tell us about your style: “I’ve been told that I have LA or Miami street style by many people, or that I would “fit in perfectly” in Nashville. So, I suppose, if there was a definition, it would be street style? Haha I basically just love to wear what makes me feel the most like me and expresses my outgoing personality.”

What are you doing right now?: “I’m working in a restaurant on the beach! I live in Florida and I love the ocean so I love that, where I work gives me full access to it! I am very passionate about people and so I am also thankful that the place I work gives me the opportunity to talk to many people all day long. I live by this idea that everyone can teach you something and I love to search for that in everyone I talk to!”

What worship song do you have on repeat?: “Highlands (Song of Ascent)” by Hillsong United. This song has truthfully changed my life. When the “People” album came out, I was coming out of a time of deep sadness. A lot was happening in my life and I was lower than I had ever truly been. I was searching and praying for God to show me how to get out of it.”

“So, when I was listening to “Highlands” one of the lines that stood out to me was; “…You’re the summit where my feet are…” At first, I couldn’t figure out why that line stood out to me so much, but then I felt like God spoke to me and reminded me that I am always on “the summit” which is the highest point of a mountain. That no matter how low I feel or where my life is at, good or bad, I am always on the “mountain top” because He is the Summit and He is always with me and I stand upon Him.”

What is something transformational God has done in your life?: “God moved me to Florida. I was 21, very very shy, and thought I was stuck.

But He presented me with an amazing opportunity to intern at a church here and learn leadership skills, preaching and teaching skills, and people skills.”

“Now, three years later, after an awesome internship and A LOT of growth, I am one of the most outgoing people you’ll meet (seriously, I’ll talk your ear off…), I love preaching and getting up in front of people (this is CRAZY for me…) and I am a very free spirit who loves seeking adventure.

God is so cool how He works and I can’t wait for Him to show me the next place, person and opportunity.”

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Anxiety is no friend of mine

Tell us about your style:

In Winter you’ll find me in a beanie, baggy jumper and mom jeans and in Summer I’ll be wearing cute tops, dresses and sunnies. I always have a pair of hoops in, big or small because hoops make everything better.

 What are you doing right now:

I’m 19 and moved to Hastings in September to be an intern in a Church. I’ve experienced a time of healing and growth and have learnt to be patient and know He is working even if I don’t completely understand (Exodus 14:14). I’m passionate about people being freed from shame, anxiety and expectations of society. I want to see lives changed through coming to know Jesus.

 What worship song do you have on repeat?:

Running In Circles’ by United Pursuit

 We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life:

God’s transformed my life in unimaginable ways. I’ve never felt enough, always missed the mark, felt rejection, shame, felt physically sick at my reflection and my weight, felt like a burden and at times just haven’t seen the point.

I’ve suffered from anxiety and this is something God is still very much working on but something that I’ve had huge breakthrough in. Panic attacks which used to be a daily thing are now rare as I’m using the authority of God’s word to tell the anxiety where to go. My mind and heart have been transformed by God’s truth that I’m a child of God, loved wholeheartedly, don’t have to carry shame, have purpose, experience peace, I’m God’s handiwork and that Jesus died to know me. I’m starting to love myself more and I know that I will always be enough because my Heavenly Father loves me and THAT IS ENOUGH. And it always will be.

? @naomirosephotos