Anxiety is no friend of mine

Tell us about your style:

In Winter you’ll find me in a beanie, baggy jumper and mom jeans and in Summer I’ll be wearing cute tops, dresses and sunnies. I always have a pair of hoops in, big or small because hoops make everything better.

 What are you doing right now:

I’m 19 and moved to Hastings in September to be an intern in a Church. I’ve experienced a time of healing and growth and have learnt to be patient and know He is working even if I don’t completely understand (Exodus 14:14). I’m passionate about people being freed from shame, anxiety and expectations of society. I want to see lives changed through coming to know Jesus.

 What worship song do you have on repeat?:

Running In Circles’ by United Pursuit

 We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life:

God’s transformed my life in unimaginable ways. I’ve never felt enough, always missed the mark, felt rejection, shame, felt physically sick at my reflection and my weight, felt like a burden and at times just haven’t seen the point.

I’ve suffered from anxiety and this is something God is still very much working on but something that I’ve had huge breakthrough in. Panic attacks which used to be a daily thing are now rare as I’m using the authority of God’s word to tell the anxiety where to go. My mind and heart have been transformed by God’s truth that I’m a child of God, loved wholeheartedly, don’t have to carry shame, have purpose, experience peace, I’m God’s handiwork and that Jesus died to know me. I’m starting to love myself more and I know that I will always be enough because my Heavenly Father loves me and THAT IS ENOUGH. And it always will be.

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