God helped me find my voice

Hey Audrey tell us about your style: “I would say it’s authentically me. I love old, I love comfy – I love sustainable and just adore colour (especially green and mustard!). When I dress in the mornings, I find joy in the daily creative exercise of choosing the ways in which I can channel my inner world with outward style – hairdo and all.”

What are you doing at the moment?: “I work as a brand strategy consultant in sustainability. I get to work with a whole flock of individuals who are hellbent on changing the world for our good and for our planet – one business at a time. I also love to write – to write articles, write songs (oh yes – I’m in a band called The Salts – Christian puns galore!) and to write letters – how I love writing letters to people! Last but by no means least, I am extremely passionate about young women and that’s the reason I am extremely honoured to be a part of Rebel Hearts Rebel Girl’s amazing magazine – Truth, equipping women in the word and in wisdom.”

What worship song do you have on repeat?: “The honest truth is too many to list here! I’ve been worshipping more with the songs that I’ve written and spontaneously coming up with than normal. Some of these I would barely call songs by the way (!), but ultimately, they are the anthems that my soul has needed to declare during this time. And P.S. If you’ve not heard Oh What A Saviour by HTB Worship – highly recommend!”

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life: “Man who I would be without God is not worth imagining. Where I have seen God move so incredibly so powerfully, has been in finding my voice. From a teen with low self esteem, depression – to a young woman who felt inhibited by verbal dyspraxia and dyslexia, I look back at all the many things that I had allowed to silence my voice and the opportunities I let go to fear. But ever faithful, God continues to grow my giftings – putting me in spaces and spheres I could scarcely have imagined for myself! He has grown my vision and nurtured my boldness. And now, well you can’t shut me up!”

Audrey is on the Editorial board of truth our new magazine.

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