I grew up in a family with no faith and am now ordained

Hey Hannah tell us about your style:
“I was once told I blend fashion and function, which I think is a good description: I like to choose comfort and practicality and hopefully a sense of style, without trying too hard! I’d say it’s a mix of smart skatewear / tomboy / boxy / casual / norm-core, with a dip into outdoors-wear on occasion. Nothing too fancy. And as much second-hand as possible.”

What are you doing right now?:
“I’m a Reverend at a church in Brighton. Week to week I host our Church Online service with my friend James, and oversee our Leadership Development Year programme for young leaders, alongside a host of other things. I’m passionate about seeing young leaders raised up within the church, particularly women. As a young(ish) woman in church leadership, I know there are lots of limitations and barriers to young women leading, but it’s God’s heart to see us take authority in all spheres of influence, not just the church. Any part I can play in that, I will!”

What worship song do you have on repeat?
“Oh goodness, my poor husband is subjected to endless worship song ‘repeats’. I’m a big one for full-blown worship sets on YouTube. If I had to choose one it’s probably My Prayer – Live, Bright City (classiiiiiic!)”

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life.
“I am still baffled that having grown up in a family that doesn’t know Jesus – no faith background, no church – I am now ordained into the Church of England. I was invited by a friend to a church youth group when I was at secondary school, and piece by piece I discovered Jesus for myself. I owe this in part to exceptional discipleship and youth leaders (go go go youth leaders!), the power of invitation (it works!), and of course the heart of God pursuing me. Despite my parents’ certainty I was going to grow out of it, deep down I knew then that I had made a life-long commitment and was never going back. Who would have thought years later I’d be Rev’d Hannah Milne?!! Madness.”

Hannah is on the editorial board of Truth Magazine from Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls

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