I struggled with low mood but God has been setting me free

Hey Bethany tell us about your style: “It’s mainly just anything comfortable. I spend a lot of time in baggy clothes and XXL jumpers. But I do love to sometimes change it up and go for more of a street-smart look. My style has changed a lot but right now that’s what it seems to be.”

What are you doing at the moment?: “Right now I’m finishing an internship at a church in Bournemouth with youth and that’s where my passion really lies. In September I’m hoping to move to California to train on youth missions which I’m super excited about! I think the thing about youth which I’m most passionate about is seeing individual transformation of the young people’s hearts when they allow Jesus into their lives and to work in them. I love coming alongside people and encouraging them along their journey with Jesus.”

What worship song do you have on repeat?: “It’s Promises by Maverick City. If you haven’t listened to this I would highly recommend it, it’s been such a declaration song for me in this season. To trust in his promises even when everything seems so chaotic can be challenging but it brings so much peace!

Can you tell us something transformational that God has done in your life?: “As a result of being super unwell during sixth-form my mental health got really bad. I struggled with severe mood swings, general low mood and anxiety and it began to take control of certain parts of my life and relationships. Over this past year, God has really been setting me free from this and I can already see the change in how I respond to things around me and how I view myself and my relationships. He is so good and I know He is gonna bring this work to completion! Joy is something Jesus freely gives us, we just have to choose it everyday!”

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