We marched round Bloomingdales praying

Hey Caragh tell us about your style: “I swear 75% of my clothes are from the second hand clothes market in Uganda where I live up until lockdown. It’s a thrift shop dream. I feel like I live in denim jackets and sparkly tops. Since lockdown I’ve just found myself wearing really unnecessarily extra sparkly tops just to work in my living room in the week lol.”

What are you doing right now?: “I run an organisation called Zena. We’re a non profit social enterprise that works with female entrepreneurs in rural Uganda. Our program exists to provide debt free access to capital and education for women with a business dream under the poverty line! We work with incredible innovative women who are changing their communities by employing other individuals and putting their children in school. We design a line of fun earrings to fund our work which we sell online in the US and the UK. It’s the biggest adventure and privilege of my life.”

What worship song do you have on repeat?: “Let Revival Come, People & Songs.”

We’d love to hear something transformational God has done in your life: “About a year ago, my co-founder and I were praying like crazy that we’d get a meeting with the fashion director of a department store. We felt God had said we would be in one by the end of 2 years as a brand, but it’s really hard to get into one before your brand is 3 years old! We felt God wanted us to contend for it so we took it walls of Jericho style and walked around the Bloomingdales flagship in New York 7 times every day for 10 days. Had to switch out our heels for flats pretty quickly. On our final day there we received a call to tell us something had changed and we had a 9am with the fashion director at Bloomingdales. WE FREAKED OUT and ended up walking out of the meeting with an order in our hands and designs signed off. Our publicist told us in the elevator on the way down ‘I’ve been in the fashion industry 20 years and I’ve never had a meeting like that in my life’. GOD MOVES MOUNTAINS PEOPLE.”

Caragh is on the editorial board of truth our new magazine, out now, featuring Elle Limebear and Open Doors.

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